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E.G.S - Biography


You're all fired!!!! The impetuous brooding vocalist Charlie B Koyote (CBK) of

the New Wave of American Metal's latest offering, Everlasting Godstopper, exclaims!

This story begins with CBK firing his disheveled band of misfits to reform the fledgling band in a new sonic and visual direction of his own design. 

Stemming from the desire to blend the elements of the 80's "Big 4" thrash metal titans, with the atmospheric synthetic industrial brushes of Rammstein and NIN combine with a "new-school" production twist and structure, as well as the campy-ness of

a catalogue of low budget horror films,

EGS carved their own path through filthy burned out streets of

Columbus Ohio's West side.


Seeking foundation and other "metal-scene" cretins, CBK simply threw a party.


In the abandoned house that became affectionately referred to as the Shadow Zone,

Charlie's "Thirsty Thursday" gatherings started with a few and finally reckoned its numbers into the hundreds…. ThirstyThursdays at the Zone were an outlet for the local socially disaffected,disgruntled, dislocated musical sub-culture dwellers.

These suarez were crazed alcohol and drug fueled celebrations of underground music, 

weaponry, B-horror films, heated political/religious ravings and video games set to the

background of  tattooed/pierced zombies streaming web-trash of morbid cartoons, energy drinks, junk food, sleaze, and more and more music, only to be broken up by moments of raunchy sex.

Soon, amongst the chaos....musical bonds of blood were shared by three other

rotten apples with nothing to lose just like CBK…and then...there were four…

Steven D. Monic (guitar, vox)  A. Johnny Mayhem (bass, vox) and

J. Patrick Bailey (drums, synth).


When the re-envisioned Godstoppers raised an eyebrow to the local/regional metal scene theyquickly moved their clandestine party to the night clubs.

Bit by bit, they cultivated a loyal following...gig by gig and party by party…citing their brand of brutal musical madness and debauchery as an all inclusive life-style with EGS providing the soundtrack.


Everlasting Godstopper has a growing list of accomplishments since it's inception

in the summer 2008 and armed with their new full-length album, stands poised for global domination one stage at a time.

Onward and upwards!

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